Legal Notice

This LEGAL NOTICE regulates the rights and obligations of mxmarks.com and users, in relation to access, browsing and use of this website without prejudice to the fact that mxmarks.com reserves the right to modify, without prior notice, its content, being current those that are published at the time of navigation.

By browsing, viewing and using this website, you acquire the condition of user, and therefore implies on your part the express acceptance of all the clauses that we indicate in this Legal Notice, as well as the rest of the warnings or specific clauses that are established in the different sections for the contracting, use of services, products, registrations, or sections of the Page.

Therefore, if you do not accept the clauses established in this Legal Notice, you must refrain from accessing and / or using the services and / or content made available to you on the Page, proceeding to leave it.

mxmarks.com.com may terminate, suspend or interrupt, at any time without prior notice, access to the contents of the page, without the User being able to demand any compensation. However, in the event of closure of the platform, an attempt will be made to return any payment that has been made for uncompleted annual subscriptions.


Monthly subscription of the members of the platform.


Membership at mxmarks.com.com

The mxmarks.com membership is a monthly payment that unlocks access to the platform, which consists of various areas and utilities that vary over time but can be grouped as:

Discounts – Various codes and links that provide discounts on various webmaster tool platforms.

Tools: In this section we have utilities for the community

The Discord Group: access to the private community group

Tools: groups the use of some tools within our website

Plugins: access to plugins shared by the community.

Themes: access to wordpress themes shared by the community, without activating the license.

Seeds: exported simple web pages in all in one wordpress migration

Hosting: access to a GianHost.com cPanel account

Support: You can ask for help on any topic by opening tickets to our support team. The team will try to answer any questions but we will not always be able to solve the question or problem, we do not take care of problems in the shared tools, we do not solve problems that may involve a complete service, such as fixing a website that is down or infected by a virus.

Training (Courses, Tutorials, E-books): Access to the premium part of courses, tutorials and e-books / MicroGuides that can be free and on YouTube or can be private and only accessible from mxmarks.com. These courses may or may not include access to complementary information, exams and certificates of completion.

Contact: Possibility of privately contacting the Club administrators in case there is a special problem.

Profile: A profile will be created with public and private information, which will be managed by each user as they wish.

Account: access to account data to modify the subscription or cancel it.


The net price of the membership is the one agreed upon when the service is contracted, since this subscription price may increase over time, it will depend on when you have contracted.

This price includes VAT and possible commissions from the payment gateways used by mxmarks.com

The current price is 19.99 euros per month in a monthly subscription of the kaio-ken plan, 29.99 euros per month in a monthly subscription in the super saiyan plan and 39.99 euros per month in a monthly subscription in the ultra instinct plan.


Returns are not allowed since the price covers an access to some tools and community that once accessed, the use of them is irrevocable, or their revocability is not verifiable.

Return request procedure: If you are not satisfied and want to request the refund of the money, write to us at contact@tagstrading.com indicating the reasons why you consider that we should refund the amount paid. It will be appreciated to have contacted the support to try to solve the problem before requesting the money back.


In mxmarks.com you can make payments through paypal.

Payments made on mxmarks.com are recurring. That is, they will be repeated automatically after the chosen period. This payment is always made on the same day of the month that the monthly subscription is made and on the same day of the year for the annual one.

In some cases, the payment date may vary:

If it is a day 31 or 29-31 in the case of the second month of the year, payment is made on the last calendar day of the month.

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